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Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:Indiana, United States of America
My name is SurelyForth. Call me Surely. Or SF. Or Vagina Master.

I was born in Indiana; I will most likely die in Indiana. My life is a John Mellancamp song. I am such a Hoosier that I smile to myself when something distinctly non-Hoosier references Mr. Mellancamp.

I hate the country (too dark, too quiet and too far from 24 hour shopping and fast food) but I live there anyway, surrounded by cows and trees. My partner in crime is Jem and we share our everything with two cats, Spike and Scout, and a ninja assassin/basset hound, Atticus. Yes, three of the five mammals in our household have names from To Kill a Mockingbird. I can own that.

I work in higher education, despite having no degree myself. I might try to go back to college next fall, or I might learn how to play the accordion. I might also do neither (it's a theme with me), in which case I'll spend the next decade underachieving and hating my job. And not knowing how to play the accordion.

Other stuff about me: I love comic strips, even terrible ones. I used to be a classically trained trumpeter and am still a die hard zoo enthusiast, non-creepy. My politics veer dramatically to the left and I am a feminist, goddamn it, and I refuse to qualify that stance. Laughing is my favorite; people who can make me laugh are also my favorite. About once a year my boyfriend buys Spam and we actually eat it, then we talk about visiting Hawaii where they serve Spam in restaurants. Sometimes we purge afterward, to spare our guts. I went to Disney World last year for the first time in my life. I am not lying when I say I have not had a better week in the 31 years I have been on this Earth.

This blog/site will be dedicated to my limited creative endeavors; a corner of the internet where I can squirrel away assorted musings and drabbles. That's the hope, at least.
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